Mark Capolupo – March, 2016

I first met Daniel Whitehead of Millbrook Homes when he was preparing a quote for renovations on our home at Haberfield. I found Daniel to be professional, honest and above all undertook great quality work. My home being in Haberfield, had heritage restrictions placed on it. This made the renovations particularly tricky in many respects and required a lot of thought and work to achieve a good outcome and at the same time comply with various restrictions placed on by the heritage requirement. I found dealing with the entire team of workers at Millbrook a pleasure. They were very patient and took time to explain any aspect of the renovation that my wife or I were uncertain about. The end product, I could not be happier with. The finishings, the detail and quality were exceptional. I would also like to add that the work was undertaken efficiently which clearly comes down to experience. My feeling right from the beginning was that the builder had control of the situation and lining up the various contractors was done in an efficient and timely fashion to ensure the renovation was finished as soon as possible. I am more than happy to recommend the services of Millbrook Homes to any prospective client.