About us

Founded in 2013, Millbrook Homes has already established itself as Australia’s premium provider of customised luxury homes. Unlike other providers, we are not a project home builder. Rather, we offer individualised, handcrafted homes that meet and exceed every one of our client’s individual needs. This entails an understanding and acknowledgement that every family is different, and your ideal living space is as unique and individual as your family. Need an extra bedroom off the kids’ room? No problem. An extra study or playroom off the main hallway? Done. At Millbrook Homes our sole concern is making your dream home a reality, whatever the dream many look like.

To this end, Millbrook Homes only source the absolute best materials from the highest quality suppliers, because to build the best homes, you have to start with the best natural materials. This website showcases some of our finest work yet. We welcome you to take the first step on the journey towards turning the key in your brand new, customised luxury home. We hope you’re as excited as we are.


Millbrook Homes
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